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SERVPRO Coos County is Full Service

12/16/2019 (Permalink)

We are now a ful service restoration provider!

This means we are able to see the entire project from beginning to end with our in house crew. 

If you have a water damage in Coos County, we can perform the structural drying, contents restoration, and the reconstruction leaving your house "Like it never even happened."

In addition to full service, we are also accepting remodeling projects!

If you have damage to your home, it is the perfect time to add or change anything you've been wanting to in that area. For instance, if your kitchen floods, you can have brand new flooring, cabinets, paint, maybe a new island installed. 

We are able to separate these as "Change Orders", bill you directly just for the changes, and complete everything in a timely manner. 

Call SERVPRO today for all your restoration and remodeling needs! 


Disaster Recovery Team

12/16/2019 (Permalink)

Disaster Recovery Team Start developing your Disaster Plan today by calling 1-800-SERVPRO and ask for a Disaster Recovery Team Specialist. 

SERVPRO is known for water and fire damage cleanup, but did you know that we have a full time Disaster Recovery Team?

This means when you have a disaster, day or night, SERVPRO is ready for your call. 

Our Disaster Recovery Team is well trained, on- call, and ready for whatever comes our way. 

We are able to lean on any of our neighbors for assistance when and if needed, so there may be 2, 3 or 10 SERVPRO's coming to the rescue when DRT is needed. 

When a disaster happens, we always ask ourselves: "Could we have been more prepared?"

The answer is YES.

We encourage all business owners to have a Disaster Plan ready at all times. We can help you establish an Emergency Ready Plan any day! 

Call SERVPRO of Coos, Curry & Del Norte Counties at 541-808-2600 to get you prepared for whatever happens on this crazy Oregon Coast!

Steps After Storm Damage

12/13/2019 (Permalink)

Storm damage can happen at any time and can be extremely devastating to your home. Here are a few tips to help you during and after a storm has taken place and presented damage. 


-Do not venture outdoors unless declared safe to do so.

-Leave or do not enter any buildings that have or possibly have structural damage.

-Do not drive unless absolutely necessary.

-Stay away from downed power lines and any objects that may be near. 

-Stay away from fallen trees or dangling limbs.

-Keep fire extinguishers handy at all times.  



-Take as many photos as possible of the damages done to your home/property. 

-Place temporary repairs if necessary before help arrives. Such as placing a piece of plywood to a broken window so not to allow further damage to keep happening to your home. 

-Contact your insurance company and start the claim process. 

-Call SERVPRO of Coos, Curry, and Del Norte Counties at (541)808-2600, to help start the restoration project of bringing your home back to where it was. 

Storm Damage In Crescent City, CA

12/13/2019 (Permalink)

House with roof caved in due to tree fall This home had storm damage due to a fallen tree during high wind advisories.

Storm damage can happen anywhere at anytime. In this before photo, a storm recently happened in Crescent City, CA where a tree had fallen over onto the roof of a home. This fall affected the roof, walls, and contents in the home. 

This homeowner was advised by their insurance company to give SERVPRO of Coos, Curry, and Del Norte Counties a call. When the homeowners called, they were already prepped by their insurance company to have the cause of loss removed and a temporary patch put on their roof before the call was even placed. 

When it comes to fallen trees or any kind of loss, before SERVPRO can arrive, the cause of loss needs to be fixed/stopped before our trained professionals can come in and start the job of returning your home into the condition it was before the storm damage occurred.

Call SERVPRO of Coos, Curry, and Del Norte Counties, at (541)808-2600, when your home is affected by storm damage, with or without insurance, we will help throughout the entire process to getting your home back to where it looked "Like it never even happened."

We Have a Ton of Equipment!

12/12/2019 (Permalink)

If you have a commercial building and you have damage happen whether it's fire, water, mold, or other, you need to hire a team that can handle commercial jobs.

That can be determined by enough people to man the job, to having enough equipment to fulfill the IICRC standard.

We here at SERVPRO of Coos, Curry, and Del Norte Counties have a shop full of heavy duty equipment, and can man up to 20+ people if needed!

So if your business ever has a catastrophe of any kind, from water, mold, fire, smoke, or a crime scene, call us here at SERVPRO to give you professional service, professional equipment, and a professional experience.

We are proud to be the largest restoration facility located on the Oregon Coast, and service anywhere from Reedsport, OR to Crescent City, CA. 

Improve Your Workplace Enviornment

12/12/2019 (Permalink)

Allergens in the air If you are sneezing, coughing or smell an odor SERVPRO can help!

You should try to identify and minimize the impact of workplace allergies. If you have employees with life-threatening allergies, take them seriously and work with them to build an appropriate allergy response plan. For example, you might have emergency treatment options on site, such as antihistamines, inhalers, and Epipens.

If you notice a significant increase in your employees’ milder allergy symptoms, look for possible causes. You might have an unidentified mold, fungus, or ventilation problem. And while many allergic exposures are unavoidable, some relatively inexpensive modifications might improve your workplace health. 

For example:

  • Run the office AC system during peak allergy season (typically the spring, when many Bay Area trees release pollen).
  • Use HEPA air filters in the office and change them regularly.
  • Take building maintenance and cleanliness seriously.
  • Identify and repair water damage, reducing mold growth.
  • Encourage employees to regularly clean their desks and workspaces, reducing the amount of dust, mold, and other irritants in the office.
  • Remove carpet and other absorbent materials that might collect allergens.
  • Provide appropriate protective gear (such as respirators, gloves, and barrier creams) when employees handle industrial chemicals and other irritants.
  • When possible, look for alternatives to common workplace allergens.

Tips To Prevent Water Damage/Loss

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

Tips to help prevent water damage/loss in your home:

-Maintain trees and vegetation around home.

-Clean gutters and downspouts regularly. Ensure that good drainage is happening.

-Know the location of your water main and shut it off if you are to leave your residence for an extended amount of time.

-Investigate any water leaks and fix promptly upon discovery.

-Check appliance hosing and plumbing fixtures for any possible breakage, and replace promptly if need be.

-Run plenty of water in your garbage disposal when using so that it won't clog up and create a possible leak.

-Check caulking around shower, tub, toilet, and sinks for any possible repairs.

-Check your water pressure, if the pressure is set too high, this can cause pipes and hoses to fail. A water pressure gauge can be bought and tested from your local hardware store. If your water pressure is above 100 psi, install a pressure regulator, which can also be located at your local hardware store.

- Monitor your water bill, sometimes finding a leak is due to noticing small or big changes on your water bill charges.

Cause of Loss: Residential

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

Washer removed from affected area. This washer was removed and detached to allow drying process and demo to begin in affected area.

Water losses can be unexpected and catastrophic to a property owner. This before photo was taken of a washer that had been removed from the affected area of the house. This washer had an unexpected leak in the hose that caused damage, not only to the laundry room that it was located in, but also to the rooms in the lower level of the house. Water losses can spread to places that property owners wouldn't expect or be bigger losses than what was initially expected. With the help from SERVPRO of Coos, Curry, and Del Norte Counties, our professionally trained technicians can detect the cause and size of your water loss and then take the affected area and make it look like "it never even happened."

Tips to Prevent Fire Damage/Loss

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

Tips to prevent fire damage/loss at your home:

-Regularly check your smoke alarms to ensure that they are working properly.

-Inspect your heating sources and ensure they are properly working/cleaned.

-Never leave anything cooking unattended in your kitchen, it takes just a few seconds for a fire to break out.

-Keep the oven/stove clear and clean all the time. Stove-tops/ovens don't randomly combust. Fires are usually caused by leftover food particles that haven't been cleaned from the area.

-Check your dryer. Always ensure that your dryer connections are secure and the lint filter is always cleaned.

-Know the location of your power shutoffs for all utilities while also knowing the power shutoffs for gas lines, appliances, circuit breakers, and fuses.

-Maintain your electrical cords. If any cords are frayed or damaged, make sure to repair or replace immediately.

-Keep fire extinguishers handy at all times.

Steps That Can Be Helpful After a House Fire

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

Some steps that can be helpful after a house fire has happened to you:

-Before returning into your residence, ensure with your local fire department that it is safe to go back into your residence.

-Ask for a copy of the fire report. This gives you time/date, area affected, and ignition of the fire, if officials are able to determine the source.

-Call your insurance company and begin the claim process.

-Make a list of damaged items/goods at earliest ability to do so.

-Call all utility providers and inform them on the fire.

-Contact your local police department to ensure that your property remains safe while in your absence. Empty homes, even fire damaged ones, can be attractive locations for squatters and looters.

-Call SERVPRO of Coos, Curry, and Del Norte Counties at (541)808–2600, available 24/7, 365 days a year – to discuss fire restoration services.