Recent Before & After Photos

24 Hours; 365

Who should you call SERVPRO when you need help with your house? Becasue SERVPRO answers the phone 24/7.541-808-2600SERVPRO was called out to this house in the m... READ MORE

We Follow The Standards

When sewer damage happens, it is very easy to determine what has to go, and what can stay. If the material in question absorbs water easily, it has to go! The f... READ MORE

We Work In Stages To Keep You Open

SERVPRO is working closely with a local commercial office to remodel their entire building. It is imperitive to the business that the area remains usable, so we... READ MORE

We Do Structural Upgrades!

This was a commercial building that suffered a water damage. Due to the severity of the damage, the underlayment began to warp and crown, causing a safety conce... READ MORE

We Go The Extra Mile

This was a gift to our customer, who was very upset when the damages to their home ruined this art piece. After working with the customer and the insurance comp... READ MORE

Smoke/Fire Damage Cleaning

This was a cooking accident that was the result of grease catching on fire. Notice how thick the soot was on the drywall. The after picture shows how effective ... READ MORE

Oregon Storms

When SERVPRO arrived on-site, the home owner knew minimal information about the situation, but knew that he had a wet wall by the fire place. Upon demolition of... READ MORE

Fire Rebuild

This is another before and after shot of the house restored near Coquille, OR. This home was lost due to a fire and the blaze damaged everything, including all ... READ MORE

Rebuilding a Home

This is a fire loss that was located on the way out of town, and SERVPRO was first on scene. We were there to help this family get back into their home as quick... READ MORE

Residential Mold Loss

These home owners went out of town for a 2 week vacation to another far away land. Sounds like a dream come true, right? It was, until they returned home to fin... READ MORE