Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Little Girls' Room

This little girls' room was terribly affected by a house fire. No one was hurt, thankfully, but not much of her belongings were salvageable. We were proud to be on-site for this family, restoring their home, and putting them back together.

Fire in North Bend, OR

This is what happened to pictures hung on a wall during a house fire. In some cases, the documents or photos can be salvaged by SERVPRO specialists, but not in all fires. Luckily for this home owner, the document was saved.

Burnt to a Crisp

This collectible ship model is made of metal, yet did not with stand the fierce flames that engulfed this local North Bend home. You can see that it is now almost dust, but was once a beautiful collectible item. 

Fire near Coos Bay, OR

This is the reality of what is left when a fire destroys your home and most of your belongings. We here at SERVPRO take pride in helping people in times of tragedy. 

Total Loss

This was a home that completely burnt down, the only thing left standing was the brick fireplace. We did re-build the entire house from the foundation up, so be sure to check out our before and after photos for the progress stages!

Exterior Fire

We were called on scene for mitigation services to this home when an external structure caught fire, damaging their home. The fire blew out the window, it was so hot! This family was very lucky.