Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Landslide In Coos County

This a picture of the landslide that hit between Coos-Douglas County. The road was demolished by the landfall and several profession services were quickly there to have the road operational again.

Roads Flooded

Here on the Oregon Coast we often have roads covered with water, so it's nothing new to have to drive 40 extra minutes around the bay, when it takes over the roadway!

Oregon Wildfires

The Oregon wildfires this year caused major concern for us Oregonians. While many of us had to evacuate our homes, all of us lost a portion of our forest. Help keep Oregon Green!

Wildfires in California

This is another photo of the damages the wildfires caused in Northern California. Almost this entire neighborhood was damaged. We are able to help out with the debris removal in these situations, as well as re-build homes. 

What a catastrophe!

This home and truck were affected by the Northern California Wildfire. The entire home was burned, but notice how the front half of the truck is perfect? Fires can be very unpredictable!

Got snow?

It's not very often we get snow here on the coast, but when we do, it's a lot! This past winter we had a huge snowfall, leaving us stranded or using chains. Does that slow us down? We were all still in the office/shop making sure we were able to service our beautiful community. 

Port of Port Orford

Being a part of the coastal community, one of the best parts of the job here at SERVPRO of Coos, Curry, and Del Norte Counties is the beautiful community of which we proudly service. There were several buildings affected by the storm, and we happily came out to this dock to help hem out. If you live on the coast, call us at 541-808-2600 to help you with any emergency services you may need.