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SERVPRO is Reliable & Predictible

Same Methods, Different Jobs

Here at SERVPRO of Coos, Curry & Del Norte Counties we pride ourselves on following the SERVPRO industry policies and procedures, so whether you're in Tenessee or California you will receive the same quality service. 

We are a local company with nationwide roots!

See your Home 2-D on Paper

Our Billing Software

SERVPRO of Coos, Curry & Del Norte Counties uses the same billing software as your insurance company.

What this means for you?

A seamless process, with minimal paperwork.

We work directly with your insurance carrier and speak their language.

Insurance companies only recognize certain types of estimates/invoices. If it isn't typed their way, there can oftern be errors with payments.

Crawlspace Drying

Evasive Drying Methods

SERVPRO has evasive drying methods

like crawlspace drying to keep solid wood flooring in place during mitigation.

This means we can avoid removing your interior floor coverings, enter via the crawlspace and dry the subfloor. 


We are prepared for you

Our fleet is fully stocked when you need us.

We have 16FT moving trucks, 12FT box trucks, Cargo vans, and more!

SERVPRO is fully equipped to handle anything that comes our way.

Alternative Drying Methods

Injectidry Specialty Drying Equipment

SERVPRO has what you need.

When salvaging solid hardwood or tile flooring, we are able to use alternative drying methods to dry these materials in place.

What you see here are tubes directing hot, dry air into the ceiling cavities to dry the upper level harwood and tile flooring.

We are proud to be an IICRC Certified Firm

Our IICRC Certificate for 2019

SERVPRO of Coos, Curry & Del Norte Counties is the ONLY IICRC Certified Restoration company in Coos County. 

When you need a help from a professional, trust SERVPRO. We know the restoration industry standards.